Believe in What’s Real

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Have pie in the sky dreams, but have them rooted in reality not fantasy

  • Don’t want for wings to sprout from your back. Study gene splicing and how that could actually (not) happen.

“Realistic” unfortunately shares the same root of “real”, so people find that realistic dreams are depressingly familiar. I personally try to abandon terminology that is ambiguous or easily misinterpreted due to conotation. Somehow I have managed to maintain an inventive imagination, even though I have hda my share of the mundane.

It’s lot like Elon Musk says he believes in things that are actually doable, even though there are naysayers. It’s possible to not be lulled into thinking most of reality can’t be achieved. Now is not all that will ever be. To think that history is done and we won’t progress after this point is horrifying: there’s so much more to see, learn, and do. Problems to solve, people to help.

Believe in Reality. See the beauty in the systems that you already understand and wonder (before you learn) about the systems you don’t. Building a fortress of glass around your ignorance just makes it more painful when the cannonball of truth comes hurtling in.

Unthink the belief that “life is less magical when you know how things work”. Rather, let your vitriol in your privileged 1st world existence have greater precision and accuracy.

Vitriol is its own issue. After all, we all need mercy. We can settle that later.

On the matter of the brilliance of life dimming because you know how things work: this is a choice. I hold this belief myself and it stands in the way of potential that is sitting dormant within me.

I would rather bloom than wither. What about you?

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